View from the Red side of the park

With Gary Murray


How do you view this week’s result against Leicester? A point better off or 2 points dropped?

Unfortunately it’s got to be two points dropped for me. A defeat or draw didn’t really make a difference in terms of how many games we had on City. Whether it was 4 or 5 points, its still two games City need to win and Liverpool lose, whereas to go 7 points ahead would have meant it was 3 games. And to be fair, a draw in most games at home is two points dropped as apposed to a point gained in my opinion.

How did you rate Jordan Henderson’s performance at right back?

It was a mixed performance I thought. I listened back to my instant match reaction and to be honest I think I was slightly harsh on him, probably just frustration after a disappointing result. he started well playing in an unfamiliar position, but I thought at times his distribution was unusually poor and he seemed to lose more 50/50 challenges than I would expect from a Liverpool captain competing for the league. But overall with all the factors taken into consideration, I’d say he done ok. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to have him there again any time soon though.

Naby Keita has come in for a little bit of criticism in recent weeks, do you stick with him in the 11 through this or take him out the side for a breather?

I don’t think you take him out the side for a breather, I think you take him out the side to benefit the team. He seriously stinks the gaff out whenever he plays. It’s a bit worrying now. We all know it can take players a while to adjust to the premier league, but I did think we’d start to see flashes of what we’re going to get from him. Other than at the start of the season against Spurs and Palace, we’ve rarely had any excitement from him. Fingers crossed he comes good. Having watched him for Leipzig, I know he is a special player, I just hope he can eventually show it for us.

Disappointed by no incomings on deadline day?

I’m not to be honest, I havn‘t really thought about transfers this window. Usually I’m refreshing twitter and sky bet to see links/ price changes. But I didn’t expect us to do any business and nothing has changed.


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