View From The Red Side

By Gary Murray


Q. Alot of people said that Chelsea was the hardest fixture left in terms of getting 3 pts between now and May. How pleasing was not only the result but the performance last Sunday given this?

A. Extremely pleasing. It was a tough game to plan for as we didn’t know what Chelsea were going to turn up. They’ve had a mixed season with some good but also some awful games. It was good to see how we took the game to them from the first whistle. To dominate the way we did and for all the players to put in top performances was superb. I was happy that we never had the nervy end to the game like in the previous few. Finally we had a two goal lead to just cruise to the final whistle with.

Q. Away from the importance of the result in the context of this season, was it important given the 2014 result that Liverpool put that whole 2014 game to bed?

A. I don’t think it was overly important to the players, it’s almost a completely different squad so I don’t think anything from 2014 would be playing on any of their minds. It was probably more important for the fans to be able to put five years ago to bed. It would have been seriously hard to take if Chelsea had done us again. So to get the job done in the way that we did was just what we needed.

Q. Porto on Tuesday and another professional performance in navigating through to the Champions League semi final. The job still needed doing despite the first leg, where you impressed by how Liverpool approached and applied themselves in the 2nd leg?

A. Yeah absolutely. I said on the podcast that we just needed to be patient and the chances would come. To be fair to Porto they had a really good go until our first goal. I think they registered something like 14 shots before we had our first, which just shows how they approached the game. I think our quality just shone through in the end. No disrespect to Porto, but we’re on another level to them and over the two legs it showed.

Q. Finally, Cardiff on Sunday. Cardiff are fighting for their lives and are in desperate need of points. Is this a game Liverpool cannot take lightly?

A. Absolutely. But I don’t think it matters who it is to be honest. With four games to go and us needing City to drop points, we can’t take any game lightly. We simply have to win every game and to do that we’ve got to be as professional as we have been all season. I appreciate that Cardiff are having a last scrap for survival, but I think we will have too much for them. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite me on the backside, but I’m expecting a comfortable victory on Sunday, especially with how our form seems to have come back. Fingers crossed for another good performance and result.


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