View From The Red Side

August 2019 review

By Gary Murray

First of all, the transfer window. What do you make of Liverpool’s in’s and out’s this summer? A lot has been made of the trust that Jurgen Klopp seems to have put in last season’s 11-18 to go and have another successful season?

There’s not much I can really say on the in’s in the summer with it only being 2 younger players in Harvey Elliott and Sepp Van Den Berg. Two unknowns really (well to me anyway). Adrian has obviously come in since the injury to Alisson and has started quite well barring one mistake. Hopefully that was his “Alisson vs Leicester” moment and he has eradicated that from his game. As far as out’s go, we haven’t really lost any major players so that’s a massive positive. What they achieved last season was nothing short of remarkable. To rack up that amount of points in the league and win the Champions League certainly, in my eyes, gives Klopp the right to trust them again. The bench now looks stronger too with a few players returning from injury which Klopp himself has eluded to being “like new signings”. I suppose we won’t really know if not bringing anyone in will be to our detriment until the season pans out more, but if the team can perform to a similar standard to last season, I don’t think we’ll have anything to worry about.

Liverpool had some critics over the pre season form and results, so how pleasing was it start the season by arguably outplaying Manchester City at Wembley and then victory in the Super Cup vs Chelsea, putting another trophy on the board? I was one of the critics to be honest, I was worried coming into the season with the way we had performed. The team seemed disjointed and couldn’t get any sort of rhythm going. I was a lot more settled after the Community Shield because, as you’ve said, we arguably outplayed City and should’ve won so there were definite positives to take from it. The super cup was slightly different. We showed how well we can play against City and then showed how resilient we can be and get the win in games when we’re maybe not at our best. I think it was important to win at least one of them games after the CL victory to try and get the players into the habit of winning trophies, to make it something we do now, like the good old days. Here’s hoping for more this season. This may seem a strange question seeing as we are sitting here with a trophy and a 100% domestic win record, but have Liverpool even got going performance wise yet? A lot of the games seem to have been won in what could be argued in a professional manner opposed to blowing teams away? I know what you mean, there does seem to be extra gears in this team so far this season. I still don’t think you can say we haven't got going yet though. We’ve done what we’ve needed to do to get the wins. To me, that’s getting going. It’s not like we’ve stumbled over the line in the games. I’m sure in these first four matches, if we had needed to step up another gear or two to win, we would have. The pleasing thing is, we’re good enough to not have needed to. Finally, has there been an individual moment or performance 6 games in that has been most pleasing to you? And why? Winning a trophy without Alisson, who was one of our most important players last season, was a great moment and there have definitely been some standout performances from individuals so far this season, but for me, i was most pleased with the Arsenal game. It came a week after Man City failed to win in their first test of the season against one of the other so called top teams in Spurs. It was our first test against similar opposition and we breezed past them with ease. We showed the gulf in class between us and Arsenal and sort of laid down a bit of a marker to the rest of the league that this is our standard for this season. I’m looking forward to see how it pans out.


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