View From The Red Side

By Gary Murray 10/5/19

Q – Barcelona. Simply put. How can we not start there? Best night at Anfield of all time for you?

A. Without a doubt for me, it was. My previous best was Chelsea in 2005, pre Istanbul, but this definitely topped it. From performance to result to atmosphere in the ground. Everything was simply incredible. To be 3 - 0 down to a side that contains Messi and Suarez and to have lost 2 of our main 3 forwards for the game, where we had to win by four goals to progress to the final and then still progress. It’s just unreal. It just goes to show, Liverpool are never beaten.

Q – What it is about Liverpool as a club that keeps producing these nights? Nights at Anfield like that.

A. How do I even begin to answer that. There have been so many of these nights when you think back, Dortmund, Olympiakos, Chelsea and even as far back as St Etienne. They just keep on coming. I think the opposition doesn’t truly know what to expect half the time. I know everyone talks about the atmosphere at Anfield on these nights, but until you actually experience it, you can’t be prepared for it. The crowd certainly play a massive part but you’ve got to give the team so much credit. Their desire & commitment shows on these nights with the relentless pressing and forceful attacking. I can’t praise them enough.

Q – The win at Newcastle ensured the race for the title goes to the wire. Win lose or draw, lets forget Europe. Domestically how far have this Liverpool side come and how proud are you as a fan?

A. This season has been such a massive step for us as a team. To take it down to the last game with this City side, arguably the best the premier league has ever seen, is a remarkable achievement. Proud doesn’t even come into it. We’re two games away from a potential double and you couldn’t say we don’t deserve it IF it happens. I know the league looks to be Ctiy’s, but I havnt gave up hope. Stranger things have happened in football and we’re usually involved when they do. Fingers crossed it can happen for us.

Q – Whilst there are 2 HUGE games still to play, the transfer window opens in a matter of weeks. Where should Liverpool be looking to strengthen this sumer?

A. It’s such a hard question really. With the way the team has performed this season and with how it could end up, it’s hard to say “he can be replaced” about the players. If I’m thinking about purely strengthening or adding something we don’t have, I’d have to say we should be in for a serious attacking midfielder, someone who can help the front three out with goals and also provide some assists too. Maybe cover for the two full backs and then further cover for the forwards. I’d expect sturridge to be leaving this summer and Origi, although he may have made it a harder decision for Klopp to let him go in recent weeks. It could be another exciting window for the Reds.


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