View From The Blue Side

By Gary Judge 10/5/19

Q – Let’s start with Burnley. A comfortable 2-0 victory. Maybe not at the levels of previous home game but possibly a more pleasing professional performance?

It was definitely a professional performance and again, another step forwards for this squad. We showed that we’re capable of dispatching of a team with minimal effort and shutting up shop. We actually didn’t get out of first gear and for me, that’s what good sides do on more occasions than they blow teams away. Performances like that are what allow you to conserve energy for the games when you need it. 

Q – Richarlison’s 14th goal this season. Age 21. Played in a number of positions for Everton this season. Has he over performed for you this season or is there more to come?

 I wouldn’t say he’s “over-performed”. I would say that he’s showed more versatility than I expected though. My impression of him before he came was that he was a powerful and technically gifted winger. I now know that he’s a clinical finisher and a player who will actually put a shift in. Those comments may raise eyebrows but he does work hard and he doesn’t get many chances. I think that if we can get another couple of attacking players with quality around him next season, then we will see even more from him next season.

Q – Morgan Schneiderlin has returned to the side again recently and put in another MOM performance on Friday. This from being cast aside and boo’d onto the pitch at one point last season. What is his turnaround down to for you?

It’s been reported that Schneiderlin was massively affected by the death of his father; understandably. Furthermore, like a lot of the players, he hasn’t benefited from working under 4 managers in a short space of time. I can honestly say that this time last year, I didn’t have a good word to say about him as he looked lazy, disinterested and physically inept. If that was a dip, then I’ll accept that and I’m genuinely happy wit the player we’ve got now. If that was Schneiderlin sulking; then regardless of the recent form, he doesn’t have a place here and will eventually sink back into that position when the going gets tough; a he did at United. Only time will tell!

Q – Finally, the transfer window opens in a few weeks. What area’s/players should Everton be looking at?

It’s obvious to say we need a striker. I’ve discussed that at length on various recent podcasts. If we can sign Gomes and Zouma on permanent deals, then I’d be genuinely happy with another top class, goal scoring forward, who can play as “number 10”. I’m thinking someone in the mould of Mata (in his younger years) or a Lucas Moura. Basically someone who we could rotate with Bernard and Sigurdsson or someone who could help us unlock some of the more stubborn sides. 

It’s such a massive question though as much of my answer would depend on if we can secure the loan signings and whether we can get shut of the “deadwood”, in which case we may then be able to afford a back up right back and another midfielder.

Based on the above it’s obviously a massive window for us!!


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