Merseyside Derby Predictions.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The 237th Merseyside Derby is here, and we have asked friends of the show with connections to the clubs and city, to share their predictions!

Colin Harvey - Ex Everton player, coach and manager - "Everton should be full of confidence after their form so far this season, whilst Liverpool are coming back after a 7-2 defeat that will no doubt be on their minds. There is no way it won't be! It won't help them either that they haven't been together to deal with the Villa game and what went wrong, due to the international break. Everton meanwhile, should be full of confidence, so I'm going 2-1!"

Melanie Harvey - Everton fan, radio presenter - "Oh god! I think Liverpool have a point to prove after the Villa game and will score early, but Everton's form, and in particular the threat of DCL, will push them to a couple of goals as well! Two under pressure, and nervous keepers says goals for me. Ironically, I think the lack of fans will help as it means the Everton players focus more on their football and hopefully not let emotion overwhelm them. I'm going 2-2!"

Neil Fitzmaurice - Liverpool fan, actor, comedian and writer. - "Hard one to call this. I can't see it being goalless! The problem Ancelotti has, is he actually has a good attacking side for once, so does he go for the win and risk being countered or sit back? I reckon 4-2 Liverpool!

David Prentice - Everton fan, Liverpool Echo sports editor - "The unwanted and irritating international break is the great imponderable here. How will the journey back from South America effect 3 of Everton's most important players? Will Jurgen Klopp's inability to work with his players since that Aston Villa catastrophe be significant? Has Everton's marvelous momentum been interrupted? So many questions, which is why this could be the most unpredictable derby for years. Many Liverpool fans are claiming they fear this is Everton's time. Of course they're just crying it in. They're the reigning Champions and have lost only four games in almost two years. But Everton are massively improved on last season, so I'm going for a open and entertaining 2-2 draw."

Andy Grant - Liverpool fan, Motivational speaker and author - "I will go for 3-2 Liverpool. So many goals and mixed results in the season so far and after the boring 0-0 last season, I can see a mad one!"

Tony Bellew - Everton fan, Former WBC Cruiserweight Champion - "Everton 2-1 and hopefully a proper good old tear up derby day!

Peter Hooton - Liverpool fan, lead singer of the Farm - "It will be played behind closed doors, that's my only prediction!"

Neville Southall, former Everton FC player - "1-1. I think it will be a close, tight game with few chances."

George Sephton - Announcer and DJ at Liverpool FC since 1971 - "This is the biggest Derby this century! Everton have a chance to put down a marker saying "We're back at the top of the tree". Liverpool will be just as keen to erase the memory of Villa Park. The game may well be decided by the form of the respective keepers. I'm hoping for a win, but expecting a draw."

Alan Myers - Everton fan, Broadcaster and Journalist - "I'm going for a 2-1 victory for Everton. I will, as always be terrified for the 90 minutes! No fans will be a big miss for us, but at the same time it may take some of the usual Derby nerves away from the players, which I think help's Ancelotti's men!"

Derry Matthews - Liverpool fan, Olympic gold medalist boxer - "Liverpool 3-0. I can see Everton falling apart this weekend. Their good form has to end sometime!

Michael Ball - Former Everton player - "International break came at the wrong time for the blues, who are in form and scoring plenty of goals, but there is no better opportunity to restart your form than to play your arch rivals at Goodison! It's been a long time since us blues have looked forward to a Derby & feeling quietly confident of a result! Fans not being there will be a very strange atmosphere but I'm putting faith in Carlo & the lad's to get a result if they keep up the good team work we've shown this season so far. 2-1!"

Ste Smith - Liverpool Fan, Former WBC Silver Super Featherweight Champion - "I think it'll be a competitive game with Everton being high on confidence, but I think Liverpool with Thiago and Mane will be too much, even with no Alisson"

Alfie Fitzsimmons - Everton fan and fundraiser for Alfie's Squad and EITC - "2-1 to Everton with DCL and James scoring for us. Allan will be our key player. COYB! 💙"

Lee Carsley - Former Everton player - "I think there will be goals! I'm really excited with the new players that have settled in so quickly. Beating Liverpool is a big thing for this team moving forward, knowing they can compete against the top sides in the league. 3-2 Everton!"

Gary Lewis - Ex Liverpool & Everton youth team coach - "Everton look very confident and Liverpool’s high line, coupled with their inability to get effective pressure on the player in possession will allow Dominic Calvert Lewin to eat up that space in behind. I think Everton have the edge and will nick it in the second half unfortunately; 2-1 Everton."

David Weir - Former Everton captain - "2-1 Everton. Confident, which worries me! But I feel it'll be a really tight game which we win."

Paddy Pimblett - Liverpool fan and MMA Star - "I think we do them like 4-2 me. The reds are gonna be up for it more then ever after getting slapped 7-2 by Villa. That’s the worst thing that could have happened for the blues as it’s gonna be a highly motivated Liverpool lookin to prove a point... only thing what scares me is Adrian is in Goal 🙄"

Terry Phelan - Former Everton player - "1-1! I think Liverpool aren't firing on all cylinders at the moment and making a few errors at the back.... but on the other hand they can score goals at any given moment! I think a lot of people are going on the back of the Villa result, in that Liverpool have had their day and that Everton being on fire at the moment but Everton will be tested at the back for sure. Everton, despite being 4 out of 4 have a big test ahead of them. If Pickford is not on his game, Liverpool will punish Everton, but on a whole I'll go 1-1 even.

Tony Warner - Former Liverpool player -"Liverpool 2-0 Everton. Everton will have their tails up, Liverpool will seem like a wounded animal but will come out the traps strong."

Danny Cadamarteri - Former Everton player - "I’m predicting 3.1 win for Everton. I'm sure Dominic will get 2 and unfortunately liverpool always likely to score in any game. Everton in great form and liverpool not as vertonEsuch. 3 Liverpool 1 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾"

Matt Jones - Impartial Tranmere Rovers fan, broadcaster and journalist - "Everton seem to have had a bit of an inferiority complex when playing against Liverpool over the last couple of decades, with numerous strong teams wilting when tackling their red neighbours. But Carlo Ancelotti could be the man to turn that record around. The blues are top of the league and playing their best football in years with players who know their roles in the side. The international break perhaps came at the wrong time for them, but the reverse should be true for Liverpool after they got battered at Villa. However, the reds, more so than Everton, have seen their squad jet off all over the world over the past 2 weeks and are without some key faces. I'm expecting them to find this tougher than the recent derby matches. 2-1 Everton!"

And, for good measure. The lads predictions

Phil Roberts - Liverpool host - "4-2 Liverpool. I'm expecting this to be one of the best derbies in recent memory. Blue expectations going into this one will make the 3 points even sweeter!

Gary Judge - Everton host - 2-1 Everton. I hate derbies and my optimism is always misplaced but I'm hoping it won't be this time. I just look at how much confidence and swagger this Everton team are playing with and coupled with how uneasy Liverpool look, think we can do a job and get the result. 2-1, Richarlison brace!

Gary Murray - Liverpool host - "4-1 to Liverpool. The fact there are still numerous players who have had the nervous and terrible experiences in the derby, coupled with the need for a response from us. I'm expecting a very good victory for the reds!

Craig Lea - Everton host - "3-1 cos Everton are magic and Liverpool are tragic!"

Terry McGivern - Liverpool host - "3-2 Liverpool. Both defences and keepers not in great shape, and both teams have lots going forward. I'm expecting goals but Liverpool to be back at it, after the Villa horror show.

Ian Mills - Everton host - "Hoping this doesn't come back to bite me, but I'm as confident as I've been in a long time. Goals both ends. It's all about out scoring them, and we will. 4-3 Everton and spirit of the blues to be blasting across the city!"


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