Let’s try and reverse the recent trend and stick with the Manager!

Martinez, Koeman, Allardyce, Silva. Four managers (not including Unsworth) in 2.5 seasons and over £30 million in compensation, including what was rumoured to have been paid to Watford. This summer we’ve seen a new board, confirmation of a new majority shareholder with money to match his ambition, firm plans for a new stadium and an influx of young exciting players. We’ve signed players with the long term in mind and those players (in the main) have impressed: Digne, Bernard, Richarlison, Gomes, Zouma In particular. I’m not convinced about Mina yet but he’s still has a MOM performance away at Chelsea and a goal at Burnley under his belt. Not to mention the fact that he’s pretty much came straight from South America, considering he didn’t even play 10 competitive games for Barcelona. He’s also only 24!

The issue is we haven’t found consistency, which you rarely get from young players. Silva hasn‘t had the luxury of taking players out when they’ve struggled, resting players when they’re tired and that’s resulted in the form we’ve seen recently! Sigurdsson had the best chance of the game at 0-0 yesterday and their keeper made a great save. That goes in and the games flipped on it’s head. I’m not saying we deserved to win etc but the team is seriously lacking in confidence. If things keep going against us and we can’t bring anyone in to add depth to the squad, something has got to give and I sincerely hope it’s not Silva! The reason I say that is that all of the decisions and plans that have been put in place behind the scenes include him at the moment. Nobody is happy with the current league position or our form, least of all me but if we sack Silva we haven’t changed anything! We’ll go backwards no matter who we bring in; we’ll have to start again tactically (marking/ pressing/ possession), we’ll be searching for a manager/ coach who Brands feels can work in his image and we’ll have a squad of promising young players who are unsure of their futures.

Next weeks FA cup game is HUGE! We win there and we’re 3 games away from a final. I still maintain that if we finish mid table this year and win a cup. That’s progress for us! We still don’t have the right balance to be consistent that’s for sure; no depth in midfield to make changes or flip our shape, no recognised striker and a lack of leadership at the back. I think we have the quality to win a cup though!

Blues, would you accept a wembley appearance and wait for summer to bring in a striker, CB and some midfielders to along with Pickford (England’s number 1), Digne (French international and arguably our player of the season so far), Zouma (Improving french international in need of a leader), Sigurdsson (a goalscoring midfielder), Gomes (a top quality footballing midfielder lacking confidence at the moment) Lookman, Bernard, Richarlison (potentially World class attackers). I vote stick!!

ill revisit this after the FA Cup game against Millwall next week..... Comments please blues!



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