View from the Blue side of the park

By Craig Lea

Two starts for Davies this week. Has his hand been forced?

1. Despite two defeats this week, would you say pressure has increased in Silva or is that the fans are in a period of “acceptance”?

I think after the Wolves game there was element of disgust, disappointment and anger amongst a large group of Evertonians. I certainly felt all three!

There's no getting away from the fact that Wolves bossed Everton in every department, and in no point in the game looked in any real discomfort with Marco Silva's tactics. This is where I feel we as fans felt unhappy, one of our direct rivals in 'best of the rest' category giving us a footballing lesson on home soil.

Onto the City game; I think an acceptance of knowing it was going to be difficult to get anything out of the game, I certainly wanted us to just show a certain mentality in how we approached it. I think we done that. Statistics will show 1 effort on goal, 0 on target. But we weren't at all bullied in the game against world class opposition and apart from not threatening in the final third. I felt we played quite well. There was individual performances that merited recognition; Sane and Sterling got no change out of Kenny and there was also Davies, who didn't shy away against a midfield full of superstars.

So in answering that question I think the City game has gave fans a possible renewed hope. But all will then depend on the game against Watford; Which performance will it see on Saturday? Game 1 or Game 2?

2. What do you make of the comments which Jim White shared from Moshiri? In particular that Silva “must be given time to develop the young talent at the club”?

I think we seen that in the team selection against Man City with the inclusion of Kenny, Davies and Calvert-Lewin. What I worry about is that if that the stance of the chairman, is the manager happy with that? With that said, I felt Kenny and Davies done themselves no harm against City. 

I think as fans, not just Everton but across the board, we always want to see local lads get a chance, but in this day and age it needs to be done correctly and at the right time.

I also think that the reason for this 'statement' is to counteract the wastefulness in recruitment in recent years. Moshiri certainly seems like he is baulking at spending several more tens of millions on players which we get zero return on, when he has a hell of a lot of deadwood on big wages at the club which we can't shift! I think we're likely to see more of the three youngsters in the coming months and if this times settles the debate over whether they are good enough then it may well be worth it

3. Calvert Lewin and Tosun have both had run outs this week, who would you opt for this weekend and why?

Tosun for me. I think he is the more clinical of the two and I think what he lacks in pace he makes up for with desire and aggression!

Calvert-Lewin is the opposite for me. He almost has all the attributes to be a Premier League player. He's athletic, quick, strong and has reasonably good footwork and technique. Despite all this though, he lacks the main thing that he's paid to do in his position; the composure and skill when finishing! I also think his desire at certain points in games can be questioned. I look at other young players in his position within the premier league. Rashford for instance, I don't think he's a particularly natural finisher but his desire and hunger to get amongst it is there. Eventually leading in plaudits and more importantly GOALS!

Answers from Craig this week, the latest member of the podcast


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